Social Media for your business

Social media is open and it is waiting for you. It has become one of the best ways to interact with your customers through a variety of social media channels- the main ones being Facebook, YouTube,Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to name but a few. These channels allow you to develop your business and take it […]

7 July 2014
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Learn how to use email alerts to boost your SEO

Email Alerts for SEO Email alerts can be a useful tool for optimizing your company’s online presence. Alerts can be set up to help you monitor what web browsers search for when they use terms that are related to your business. Tools like Google Alerts, Moz Fresh Web Explorer, or can be used in […]

13 August 2012
SEO Basics
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The basics of Search Engine Optimisation

Almost everyone in today’s world uses the internet or has access to it, which means the amount of information floating around the web is astounding. Sticking out from the crowded knowledge market is essential to the success of your site, and drawing customers to you is the key to making it all work. Search Engine […]

3 July 2012
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) mistakes you should avoid as a business owner

Websites used to be something that was a commodity. Some businesses had one, while others didn’t, and that was considered OK. In our fast-paced world, however, you must have a website if you even want to be considered to be in the running for business in your area. Unfortunately, website owners try too hard to […]