.:. .:. 90% of searchers won’t look past page one of the results page



.:. 83% of local searchers will follow up with a phone call
or visit to the listing that stands out best


Do you have a small local business dependant on the community? Or perhaps you’re looking to expand to certain geographical locations. We can help you find these local customers for your business through the use of online local marketing techniques such as…


  • Google Local/Maps Listing GEO targeting
  • Bing Local/Maps Listings
  • Local classified ads submission
  • Online review directories.
  • Local Citation sites
  • Local online business listing sites
  • Targeted local ads
  • Social media locations
  • Local Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Apps for local businesses
  • Niche related link building



.:. 90% of searchers won’t look past page one of the
results page (According to Google)


 Does your business require online local marketing?

It’s probably fair to say there are now billions of people around the world using the Internet, that’s fantastic if you’re operating a global business and the traffic your receiving to does not need to be targeted to your geographical region. What  if the focus of your company is your local market though?  Reaching customers halfway around the world doesn’t help. Employing a local marketing approach means taking advantage of all of the available online opportunities to target customers in your local area. It is an important strategy for tradesmen, restaurants, and locally focused shops and stores as well as businesses such as dentists, doctors, pharmacies etc, which are largely dependent on local trade.

What we do

The Gnet Studios Online local marketing strategy  utilisies various web properties and platforms which we are able to re-brand inline with your business. The properties can include Google places optimisation, local classifieds optimisation, local service directories, local business listings, niche related directory listing as well as other platforms and local targeted advertising services we utilise to create your online local presence. We will either build your local listings online from the ground up or develop your current listings with high quality well designed landing pages ensuring maximum conversion of your potential customers. A good local marketing strategy combines the use of high quality citation building and relationship development with local businesses, we know how to develop both with precision, while ensuring a good ROI with highly targeted customers though the traffic you will receive to your website from these listings.

For your marketing strategy to be as effective as possible, you need to make sure you are targeting your local customers. Local customers are often where the most loyalty is found; they are where your business grows by word of mouth. Gnet Studios can help you take advantage of your local area to target those customers specifically. We invite you to get in touch to learn more about our local marketing strategies and how we can help your business develop for the future and increase your overall sales.


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