Pitbull Nst

“I contacted Gnet-Studios to help me construct my website. Initially I was apprehensive at the thought of dealing with an online firm because some friends of mine have had poor experiences dealing face to face with website builders. This, however, was so not the case with Gareth and his team. From the get go I found all engagements with Gnet to be very professional and courteous, they were very patient with me and took their time in trying to understand the idea I had for my site, they really wanted to have a crystal clear vision of my own thoughts and told me that they would be able to do even better than what I wanted.

That’s exactly what I got from them. They handled everything superbly, with regular communication every time they completed a stage or needed my input. Gnet Studios helped me with consulting on a numerous range of things such as on page SEO and social media links, I had no idea the range of what my website could achieve but their expert advice and consulting helped me put together an even more impressive package for my site than I had expected.

I highly recommend Gnet Studios to anyone that’s looking for a quality firm to build their website, I’m thrilled with the end result and the timeframe it took for the project to be completed was absolutely mind blowing. These guys know what they are doing and it shows in the products that they produce!”


-Jason Hinks, owner, pitbullnst.co.za